Skills Tested During the Florida Drivers License Road Test

If you’re preparing to take your Florida driver’s license road test, you likely feel apprehensive about it. While preparing for the test can be stressful, the most important thing to remember is to keep calm! Being nervous will only make it more difficult to drive skillfully during the test drive.

With plenty of practice and knowledge about what to expect on the test, you’ll give yourself the best chance of passing with no issue.

What Driving Skills Will Be Tested?

The Florida driving test is officially known as the Class E Driving Skills Test. It’s the portion of the journey to licensure that is done behind the wheel while supervised by an examiner at an FLHSMV office.

The most important thing to know about the driving test is what skills will be assessed during the drive. Once you know what will be judged, you can focus on mastering those skills and boost your confidence in your ability to pass the test. 

The key driving skills you will be expected to master in preparation for your Florida driver’s license road test include:

Ensuring that you give yourself ample time to get plenty of practice before your test is the best way to ensure your driving skill mastery.

Prepare for the Florida Driving Test with Autosafety Driving School

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