Rules to Make Your Teen Driver Safer

Handing your teen the keys to the car can be an unnerving prospect, but knowing the most important rules to teach them can make it significantly less stressful. Helping your teen become the safest and most capable driver possible is critical. 

Ways to Be a Safe Teen Driver

According to the NHTSA, in 2020, there were 2,276 people killed in crashes that involved a teenage driver. The following are some of the top rules to make your teen safer behind the wheel:

In addition, it’s vital that you talk with your teen about how even just driving tired can be extremely dangerous. Drowsiness and fatigue are common causes of many driving accidents. 

Check and Recheck

Remind them to always check their mirrors and blind spots before turning, backing up, and changing lanes. Even the most experienced driver will never be able to see a car in a blind spot! 

Maintain Distance

Another excellent rule is to maintain enough safe distance between them and other vehicles. So many drivers underestimate the time it would take for their vehicle to stop in an emergency. 


Finally, you can teach them to keep “LLLC” top of mind every time they drive: look ahead, look around, leave the room, and communicate. These four rules are inclusive of just about all other rules and can help teens form safe driving habits.

Register for Driver’s Education

When your teen is ready to learn to drive, you want the best for them, including the best driving school in Tampa. Contact Autosafety Driving School today at (813) 875-4809.