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1. They taught me and my brothers when we were teens and now they've taught my daughter and will teach my son when the time comes. I wouldn't use anyone else. - Christopher Carter

2. When I asked at my son's school which caters to children with learning related disabilities, Autosafety stood out and was most recommended. They took the time to suggest non dangerous activities that I could do between lessons to achieve success. They were very helpful. - Charlene Wells

3. My daughter said she wanted to take driving lessons with Autosafety because many of her school and team mates were taught by them. After talking with Jim, her instructor, I was amazed at how many people they know and how many people know them. That's the best recommendation anyone can have. - Ed Robinson

4. I thought that I was the only college student that didn't know how to drive and needed driving lessons. On driving test day, I actually met two other college students that were guys who were taught by Autosafety and were taking the driving test. We all passed the driving test and related well with our instrutors. - Latonya Jackson

5. Excellent but strict school. They are usually up to capacity. My son had to wait two weeks to start, but knowing their reputation, we did so. For this reason, parents should know that they and their children must abide by school rules, especially cancellation policies. - Jacob Weinstein

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