Since 1978, our students have been experiencing the Autosafety Difference

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Accelerated Education

Raising Parent Education to Professional Excellence


More than just words, this is the essence of Autosafety Driving School

The Autosafety experience begins the moment you speak to either Pam, Jim or Chris Meier on the phone. Communication will be clear and precise, and questions will be expertly answered.

Longevity and Recognition

For many years we have consistently earned top rated reviews and are now educating our second generation of students. Since 1978 we have been educating the children of the most well known and respected families in business, broadcasting, sports, politics, law, medicine, education and many other fields in the Tampa Bay Area. With almost no advertising, we are still the most recognized and recommended in the areas top private and public high schools and colleges. Most of our clients are obtained through recommendations from families and friends. In addition, we are honored to be recommended by other sources, including schools, insurance companies as well as many other agencies.

We Often Have a Waiting List

Both James and Chris Meier are Car-Smart Kids parent educators. To learn more about Car-Smart Kids click here. With this recognition, comes high demand. Due to this high demand and limited time slots, we expect lessons and driving test to be scheduled with care and not cancelled for non-emergency reasons. In short, we expect students to make their vehicular education a top priority without interference from other activities. After school and Saturday time slots, dedicated to our high school students, get booked quickly. In addition, the months of June, July and August are extremely hectic and get filled quickly as well. To combat this situation and maximize your child’s safety and education, we strongly advise calling early, well before your child is eligible to take a driving test. This will allow your child the time needed to practice all that he or she has been taught until it becomes instinctual and therefore habit. It will also ensure that lessons and the driving test will be completed on time.

Commitment and Accelerated Education

We are totally different, in fact almost opposite, to what is done in public school driver education. We also educate differently than other commercial schools. Students routinely tell us that we do more per session than other educators. We also advise parents clearly and precisely about what they could do between lessons. For these reasons, it is uncommon for students to either need or take extra lessons. It is commonly known by our students that we push performance, not extra lessons. Both James and Chris Meier are also Car-Smart Kid parent educators. To learn more about Car-Smart Kids click here.

Raising Parent Education to
Professional Excellence

We have never had a student, even those thought to be excellent drivers by their parents, who did not raise their level of knowledge or performance while being instructed by us. When we professionally challenge students beyond what parents typically know and can safely do without a dual control vehicle, the TRUE level of performance becomes evident. In EVERY instance, we have enhanced, from slightly to greatly what parents have done. In essence, we typically redirect the concepts and practices that parents learned when they were young with the latest advances, many of which were created by us, in safety education.


We are dedicated to giving our students the best possible education. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in aspects ranging from scheduling lessons, teaching lessons as scheduled, arriving on time, etc. We also expect our students and their parents to be aware of and adhere to these same standards.

Contacting Us

Telephone: 813-875-4809. The quickest and, by far, the most effective way to communicate with us is by telephone. Through our years of conversing with parents and students by telephone, we know the correct questions to ask to get a thorough and accurate assessment of your needs. Far more than any other means of contact, a telephone conversation enables us to give immediate and most helpful guidance.


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